Turing Motors Approach: Sensors, Navigation, and Maps

This article is part 4 of 8 in a series written by Turing Motor Company’s CEO: Ned Goodhue. This series outlines the Turing Motors approach to bringing level 5 autonomous vehicles to market.


Almost all sensors in our cars will be a part of a Triangulation.

HawkEye in tennis uses triangulation with cameras. Its accuracy = 4 mm.

Then sensors in our cars, and other teams that use our technology, will have the same accuracy.

HDR Video Camera

  • High Dynamic Range cameras see things the human eye cannot.
  • HDR Video Camera must make (4 X 15) images per second.

Radar, Ultrasonic (Sonar), NIR (near-infrared), and FIR (far infrared) sensors.

These sensors support imagery when an HDR camera image has problems due to a completely black night, snow, fog, whiteout, torrential rain, or sandstorm.


We have a partnership to supply our navigation box. It uses GOS-PPP & GNSS backed up with INS. The position Info is given in Lat/Long and altitude.

That means that our navigation system works independently with backup batteries. It does not require anything else. It works in a tunnel. Its accuracy is 2cm — 5cm.

It has strong built-in redundancy: if one source of location fails, there is a redundant system to take over.

In summary: it is very accurate in all situations, even in a tunnel when the power goes out.


We coordinate with our map vendor the lat/long of our navigation to know where we are at all times within a 2–5cm accuracy.

We are working with TomTom to create highly accurate maps.

A Backup as to our position

Our sensors and camera can also tell us where we are — by combing our pictures and maps. That will also accurately tell us where we are.

The Result

That is how our cars will be able to drive thru snow, fog, whiteout, torrential rain, or sandstorm.

Nextt time

In the next article of the series, we will discuss our approach to Dynamic Public Transportation.

This article was written by Ned Goodhue. Ned is the Founder and CEO of Turing Motor Company. Ned is passionate about all things AI. Ned is also passionate about aviation, traveling, understanding different cultures, theatre, and reading.

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