Turing Motors Approach: Safety

This article is part 8 of 8 in a series written by Turing Motor Company’s CEO: Ned Goodhue. This series outlines the Turing Motors approach to bringing level 5 autonomous vehicles to market.

All of our cars will have traditional controls.

If a person wants to drive their car, they can. No problem.

  • The instant the driver lets go the whee,l the car takes over smoothy.
  • The person in the driver’s seat can do anything they want — text, watch Netflix, play a game and more.
  • When the driver puts their hands on the wheel, the driver is back in charge.

…Not really.

If the “driver” is about to get into trouble, the car will take over.

In fact, the car has been controlling the car all the time. The ‘driver’ mode lets the car follow the driver’s wishes right up to the point it might get into trouble.

The cost of driving today. For the US in one year alone…

  • 37,000 people die in road crashes.
  • 2.35 million are injured or disabled.
  • 94% of crashes are caused by human error.
  • $230.6 Billion is spent on road crashes.

Spread-out, that costs every person in the US $820 per year.

Let’s give mobility to people who cannot drive now, such as:

  • Seniors
  • People with special needs
  • Friends who had wine or bourbon at the restaurant

Tony Seba is a well-known futurist. He has pictures of 5th Avenue in NYC in 1900. You can see nothing but horse and buggy….and one car. 13 years later, in 1913, 5th Avenue was filled with cars…with only horse and buggy left.

Once we have Level 5 (or better) cars on the streets, it won’t take long before we all are using full AVs.

And all of us will be safer and many hours will have given back to us.

This article was written by Ned Goodhue. Ned is the Founder and CEO of Turing Motor Company. Ned is passionate about all things AI. Ned is also passionate about aviation, traveling, understanding different cultures, theatre and reading.

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